Three Reasons Why Christian Writers Write

Christian writers write

There are many reasons why writers write, but I believe Christians write for different reasons.

I have listed three reasons why I believe Christian writers write:Continue Reading

Five Reasons Why Christian Writers Don’t Write

reasons Christian writers dont write

I confess, I've been in a season of not writing much. Mind you, this didn't happen overnight, it's  been a slow progression over time. I guess the turning point for me was when I decided there were enough writers in the world. … Continue reading

Why Christian Writers Need A Vacation From Media

Christian writers and media

Most writers would tell you that writer’s block can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. It has a way of soaking into your brain, causing it to short circuit and you’re left sitting in your desk chair, buzzing and twitching while you stare at a … Continue reading

5 Reasons Christian Writers Should Go Back To The Drawing Board

Christian writers drawing board

For the past two years, I’ve been pouring myself into a memoir. I spent time brainstorming, planning, writing, editing, and finally settled on my plan of action. I wrote about ten chapters and have been fine-tuning them. I asked a couple of friends … Continue reading

A Much Needed Push (For The Christian Writer)


I’ll never forget that first day of class. It was my junior year of college and I enrolled in – what I thought – would be a blow-off class. Boy was I wrong. It was a communications class with a new professor by the name of Dr. Hensley. … Continue reading

Two Ways To React To Editing

editing in writing

Recently, I worked on a group project with several writers. After getting our initial thoughts on paper, we gave our thoughts on each other’s writing. Then it was time to move to the next step. Editing We sent the work to a professional … Continue reading

Critiquing versus Criticism


One of the things that happens as a writer is you are subject to other people’s comments and opinions. Those opinions can either be positive or negative, constructive or destructive. Unfortunately, if you write, blog or guest post, there is no way … Continue reading

I Am Not A Starving Artist

starving artist

Three weeks ago, my husband and I were out looking at cars. We walked into a dealers shop and a manager came out to meet us. After showing us around, he turned to me and asked, … Continue reading

3 Ways To Define Success As a Christian Writer

success Christian writer

Writing for God is decidedly different from being an average writer. What we do, how we do it and even what we gain from it are unique experiences. We write because God has given us a voice and we want to use that voice to bring others closer to … Continue reading

When Will I Start To Make Money From A Blog?

make money from a blog

When I first started out, I saw blogging as an extension of my offline life. I helped people in real life. I was in business and so I thought I could bring that aspect into my site. It's been a journey (a rather long one) and I've learned a couple … Continue reading

Why It Is a Privilege to Be a Godly Writer

writer and Indiana Jones

I don't mean that it's only a privilege to be writer here at Godly Writers. That it is. But I'm talking about something greater, about a bigger lesson learned from the Apostle Paul, arguably the most influential writer of all time. A godly writer … Continue reading

Is it Time for Me to Quit Writing?

quit writing

Every writer asks this question at some time, maybe many times. Christian writers ask it right along with all the others. Every Christian knows that it is not God’s plan for us to be scared or confused or unproductive. When we feel this way, we … Continue reading

Why We Are Christian Writers

christian writers

We all write for a reason. Whether it’s to make a living or to get your thoughts on paper, you have a purpose for putting words on paper. Have you ever thought about that purpose? Do you know why it is you happen to be a Christian writer, … Continue reading

Coping As A Writer When Life Happens

when life happens

As a writer, I strive to write daily. It’s good to get in the practice of daily writing. I have discovered that the more you write, the more you write. But what happens when life gets so crazy that daily writing is simply not possible? … Continue reading

Remembering Why I Write

why i write

Sometimes I wonder why I write. Is anybody listening? Do people care what I have to say? Do you have those questions? Do you ever think, “Why do I write? Does anybody out there even care?” Let’s face it: being a writer is hard work. … Continue reading