The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Audience

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Audience

As writers, we want to make a difference and impact in people’s lives (at least that’s our hope). Moreover, as Christians we want to impact people for eternity.

And yet, if we’re honest, it so easy to lose focus, grow discouraged, and compare ourselves to others.

For example, we read on Facebook that so-and-so just got a book published and sold tons of copies; or so-and-so’s blog post went viral. And the next day, we wonder why it’s hard to get out of bed.

When my wife and I had our first child, we struggled so much with sleep issues. On occasion, my wife would read on Facebook that one of our friends’ babies slept through the night at six weeks. We’d read this, be in shock, and then throw the phone down screaming, “LIAR!”

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But you know what I mean. It’s so easy to read something and feel discouraged and think you’re not good enough or talented enough or whatever.

Honestly, last year I got caught up in the numbers game: always checking my stats on my blog, trying so hard to get subscribers, feeling depressed if someone unsubscribed.

Can you relate?

But the Lord spoke to my heart about this and reminded me of my life verse (something I’ve adhered to since college).

It’s found in Acts 20:24, spoken by the Apostle Paul:

“However I consider nothing to me if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me, the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.”

Thankfully, I started to shed the layers of pressure, discontentment, and comparison and remembered the reason why I write — to testify to the gospel of God’s grace.

And when we have this perspective, I believe our writing is transformational.

So what does our audience need?

May I suggest that it’s not how cool our websites look, or how many tweets we send out. Rather, it’s one crucial component:

Our walk with God.

The principle is this: we can only give what we have.

If we’re running on spiritual fumes instead of a full tank, that will come across in our writing.

But when we walk with God, when we are immersing ourselves in His love, His Word, drinking deeply in His delights, not only will we be filled, we will also refresh others.

The best thing we can give our audience is our intimacy with God.

Question: How does your walk with God affect your writing? What is the greatest gift you can give to your audience? Please share below.

  • Wow Dave, Your last sentence sums it up. It’s perfect!

    • Thanks Deb! Glad you enjoyed it. You are an example of what I wrote about.

  • Hey Dave, my writing comes differently but it most often relates to something I have been walking through or a topic that God seems to be working in me.

    • Thanks Jon for sharing. It’s amazing how God will show us different themes which we can in return share with others.

  • Karen Scales

    Thanks Dave,
    I have recently started a blog and am feeling a little overwhelmed with the technical aspect of things…website, subscribers etc
    But you are bringing my focus directly where it should be.The life of God within me and our intimate relationship is the very fountain from which I will write.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Thanks Karen! Glad to hear you are blogging, and glad to hear my post helped. Keep that focus. God bless.

  • Cedric Anderson

    Hello my name is cedric anderson. I am a young pastor at the age of 28. I have a passion to write a book that will inspire young teens who are growing up in this world. I want to write an encouraging book to help them understand that the character they were born to be should never change because of there environment. I have no idea where to start at. any advice? Do I use microsoft word to begin or what?

    • Hi Cedric. Nice to meet you. Glad you stopped by. I would be happy to give you some tips and help in any way I can. I applaud you for wanting to write a book – and it is much-needed for youth today. Please email me directly and I will respond promptly:
      Looking forward to connecting more.

  • Andrew

    Check out for lots of great resources!

    • Andy

      Wow it looks great. I’ll definitely give them a try. Thank you.

  • Erin E McEndree

    I’m reading this at the perfect time. I am creating a video blog about refocusing to loose chaos in life. This is great advice. Watch for it soon at

  • Maggie

    Thanks for this perspective it really gives me inspiration on the book I want to write. My question is, would you recommend writing a Blog first &then the book?

  • Missy

    I can tell my relationship with God is weakening simply by the amount I am writing. I tend to blog about what I am studying, what I am reading, or what God has laid on my heart. If I am not writing, it is a good indication that I am not spending enough time with God, and, therefore, have nothing to write about or I have gotten too busy with other things. I very much appreciated your direction to Acts 20:24. It will surely be one of my “go-to” verses.