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Do you see that list of names in the right-hand sidebar? That list is the current list of Contributing Writers here at Godly Writers. You can be one, too!

To contribute to this blog, your article should address a specific area of the Christian “writing” industry (e.g. How to handle rejection, motivation, writing tips, self-publishing, finding the right literary agent, building a platform, etc.).

Benefits of Being a Contributing Writer

  • I will be listing and putting a backlink to your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages in the sidebar of, so that every page on the site will generate a backlink for you. This will equate to hundreds (soon to be thousands) of backlinks.
  • You may use the badge by placing it on your own website. This will let people know that you are a Contributing Writer.
  • Being a Contributing Writer will help build your writing platform and your link resume. It will also help to get your name “out there” and will drive traffic to your own website/blog.
  • Your “author bio” will be listed at the end of each article you publish here, and you will have an author’s page to point readers to. For example, see mine.).
  • You’ll be able to professionally practice and hone your writing skills.
  • You’ll be assisting and motivating other aspiring Christian writers from all around the world.
  • You’ll be honoring the Lord by serving others.

Guidelines for Becoming a “Godly Writer”

  • You must be a Christian, not merely in “label” but in truth. If you’re not sure what it means to be a Christian, here is a link to some very basic theology regarding biblical doctrine (what the Bible teaches). Although some of these points are non-essentials for getting to Heaven, many of them are—indeed—essential for salvation. If you have questions, contact me.
  • To be considered for contribution here at, you should be willing to provide at least one (1) guest post every 30 days. If you’re able to publish more than one (1) article every thirty days, it would certainly be more than welcome!
  • Your post should be original to you (no plagiarism). In other words, you need to be the original author of what you plan to publish here.
  • Articles submitted need to be fresh and, therefore, should not have been published anywhere else, either in print or on the internet.
  • You agree to write about (a “teaser” post) your published article on your own blog, and to include a backlink to the original article here at
  • You may include active links in your author bio (which will appear at the end of all your posts) for your own blog, your “about me” page, your eBooks page, your author page, your FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon pages, etc.
  • Your submitted articles should be at least 500 words long and less than 2,500 words.
  • Your post must be about an aspect or function of the Christian “writing” industry (see the “Categories” in the sidebar).
  • You must be willing to engage with the readers who post comments after your article.  (Building and sustaining an active and productive online community is very important in order to be considered as a Contributing Writer.)
  • You must be willing to tweet about, Facebook, StumbleUpon, (etc.) and use the social sharers to get the word out about the other writer’s articles that are posted on the site, not just your own.  😉
  • You should be willing to comment regularly on the other articles that are posted here.
  • You should be willing to socialize/communicate with the other contributing writers, and frequent their blogs, Facebook pages, etc., in order to foster and build community.

Please note that I will probably edit your post for basic grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. (but I’m not an English teacher, either).  I will also add an image (picture) at the top of your post. Moreover, I may change the title of your article to enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If I make any material changes to the article itself (which is highly unlikely), I will email the revision back to you for your approval before officially posting.

You will always retain the rights to your own articles. See our Copyright policy.


If you agree to all of the above, and you believe your efforts and articles will meet the above criteria, please fill out the email form below and tell me all about what you would likely write about. We’re always looking for Godly Writers like you! Be sure to include the following:

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  • Your Email address

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Look, I understand the work that it takes to write a blog post. Please note, however, that just because you have written a post does not obligate me to publish it. The only guest posts I will publish are those that add value to our readers, serve the Christian writing community, and give glory to God. If your article accomplishes all three, it will likely get posted without any reservations. If it fails to meet even one of these three, it is unlikely that it will get published. Thank you for understanding.


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