Writing Motivation for Christian Authors

I don’t know about you but I’m altogether fed up with my lackadaisical mentality when it comes to my writing motivation. Why do I only seem to write when the spark of inspiration flickers in my dark and dusty arsenal of writing expertise? Why do I refuse to tap, tap, tap the letters on my keyboard to publish what’s […]

Is it Time for Me to Quit Writing?

Every writer asks this question at some time, maybe many times. Christian writers ask it right along with all the others. Every Christian knows that it is not God’s plan for us to be scared or confused or unproductive. When we feel this way, we have wandered off God’s path into Satan’s wilderness.

How To Write A Story For God’s Glory

How To Write A Story Like most things in life, writing has its up’s and its down’s. It is challenging, frustrating, and yet awfully rewarding. Just so you know, there is nothing new under the sun, even when it comes to writing. King Solomon loved to write. He was inspired by God to pen most of the […]

Citations In Non-Fiction Writing — Yes? No?

When No Higher Power was released, the advertising summary led me to believe it would be dead center in my writing niche – living Christian faith in a secular world. As soon as I received it I dived in. The content was everything I could have hoped for. The book is well-organized. The ideas are […]

5 Tips That Will Benefit All Christian Writers

Whether you’ve stumbled onto this blog from a Google search about writing, or you’re a regular GodlyWriters.com reader, chances are you want to learn from other Christian writers about what works and doesn’t work. Maybe blogging is your main writing platform, or maybe you have the next New York Times bestseller somewhere in the works. […]

The Risky Business Of Writing About Culture Conflict

My call is to write about living Christian in a secular world. That puts me on a sharp edge. The cultural conflict between Christian thinkers and secular thinkers hones a fine edge. Anyone trying to walk on a knife edge wants to find a broad, flat, comfortable place to walk and get away from the […]