How a Christian Writer Should Research Topics

Good research is a science, really. There are clear steps to take and key things you do in performing good research. Then it becomes an art; knowing what bits and pieces to keep and which ones to throw out and how to fit all the pieces together to make the picture. It is important to […]

Put Your Pen to Paper, Christian Writer

When I think about writing about writing I feel so inadequate. No training No preparation No degrees or words or numbers behind my name. Yet for me writing is just as important as breathing. I’m up every morning listening for the still small voice to give me something worth talking about. There are times when […]

Secret Confessions of a Godly Writer

I have a confession to make. Well, two actually. I haven’t written consistently for months. As a writer hoping to take my craft to the next level, that’s detrimental. I need the practice to hone my skills and sharpen my writing. When I sit down to write, that blinking cursor taunts me. My second confession? […]

Christian Writers Are More Than Carnival Barkers

Far too often it seems building a writing platform is a carnival. We each have our own booth to hawk our wares, and the crowds flock too the loudest screamers with the best visibility. We have all heard the shouts of the best carnival barkers: Seven Steps to Guaranteed Success! Thirty Days to a Bigger […]

How Can A Christian Writer Tell the Truth?

Everyone who feels called to write as a servant of Christ Jesus knows that one standard prevails for every Christian writer: truth. It sounds very simple at first, yet sometimes truth is not so easily discerned. Cultural and political issues and truths often intertwine in knots that are not readily untangled. Nevertheless, truth is important.

Prayer and Worship Through Your Writing

I was struggling in my prayer life. I was talking and talking and talking and, of course, talking some more, but God was not answering. Why was He not answering me?! I would spend ten minutes in prayer and be bored, distracted, and half falling asleep. I was frustrated and had no idea where to […]