Go Ahead and Bleed

“There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” – Red Smith* As much as I love writing, it’s difficult. My heart can only take so much rawness. I can only rip my heart open and pour it onto the page for so long.

How Can Writers Love the Lost?

Before His Ascension, Jesus told His Disciples to make disciples of all nations. He also said we would receive power from the Holy Spirit to witness for Him in Jerusalem and all Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth, i.e. to anyone and everyone, including to our enemies. The Jews and Samaritans […]

Description Puts the Reader Into the Story

Description is an important element of the craftsmanship of writing. Description is the means by which the writer conveys the setting to the reader. In the sentence, “Harry entered the room,” the reader does not have much material for his own mental picture of the situation. That sentence needs to be embedded in or to […]

Writing with a Right Mindset

I now have several friends who are authors. I’ve known other authors, but it’s like buying a certain car. Once you’ve bought that brand/style/color…you see them everywhere! This is how it is for me.

14 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block

A blank page is a daunting thing, but sometimes the full page is even worse. You’ve gotten the words out, and now it’s time to move forward. Edit, rework passages, and refine the voice of the piece. There’s just one problem. You’re stuck. How do you take a work in progress and move to the […]

What the Gospel Writers Knew About ‘Show Don’t Tell’

You wouldn’t think the Gospels could teach us much about subtlety and hidden meaning in our creative writing, would you? They each tell the story of Jesus’ ministry in an apparently straightforward way, laying out what happened from their own clear perspectives. Yet, I found out just how subtle, and therefore how rich and extra-satisfying […]

The Disillusionment of Platform Building

In 2012, with a good dose of prompting from two friends, I ventured out into the vast sea of the blogosphere. Although I technically started a blog in 2011, I didn’t do much with it, nor did I have a clue about what it meant to blog. So after I met with my two friends […]