The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Audience

As writers, we want to make a difference and impact in people’s lives (at least that’s our hope). Moreover, as Christians we want to impact people for eternity. And yet, if we’re honest, it so easy to lose focus, grow discouraged, and compare ourselves to others. For example, we read on Facebook that so-and-so just […]

The Disillusionment of Platform Building

In 2012, with a good dose of prompting from two friends, I ventured out into the vast sea of the blogosphere. Although I technically started a blog in 2011, I didn’t do much with it, nor did I have a clue about what it meant to blog. So after I met with my two friends […]

A Much Needed Push (For The Christian Writer)

I’ll never forget that first day of class. It was my junior year of college and I enrolled in – what I thought – would be a blow-off class. Boy was I wrong. It was a communications class with a new professor by the name of Dr. Hensley. Hensley got up, stared at us until […]

Remembering Why I Write

Sometimes I wonder why I write. Is anybody listening? Do people care what I have to say? Do you have those questions? Do you ever think, “Why do I write? Does anybody out there even care?” Let’s face it: being a writer is hard work. It’s not easy and it’s often filled with loneliness and […]