Why We Are Christian Writers

christian writers

We all write for a reason.

Whether it’s to make a living or to get your thoughts on paper, you have a purpose for putting words on paper.

Have you ever thought about that purpose?

Do you know why it is you happen to be a Christian writer, specifically?

I’m willing to bet it’s for the same reason as me.

I’m a blogger. A Christian blogger, to be exact. But that wasn’t always the case.

Early on, I wrote articles in a journalistic sense, delving into interesting current topics. Something just didn’t connect though.

I had just learned writing was a passion that combined my spiritual gifts of teaching, knowledge and discernment, and I couldn’t help but think I was wasting those gifts by writing this way.

So, in my enormous spiritual wisdom, I ignored those thoughts and feelings. I kept blogging about things no one really cared about (not even myself if I’m being honest) and moaning no one was reading my stuff.

Then one day it hit me. Hard.

Why We Are Christian Writers

I was praying and reflecting over what I was supposed to do with my new found gifts and it brought me to a point of spiritual clarity with God. My thoughts solidified into a concise statement which guides my writing to this day. It was this:

If I was going to write, I couldn’t justify writing about anything other than Christ.

That was it. Plain and simple.

I’m not a Christian writer because it’s a niche that no one’s found. It’s not.

I’m not a Christian writer because it helps me keep a comfortable existence. It doesn’t.

I’m a Christian writer for one reason:

I have to be.

I realize that may not be everyone’s take, but I’d be willing to bet you had a similar experience. Shortly after that epiphany, my wonderful, wonderful journey into blogging began.

“Honey! I’m going to start a blog and it’s going to be called A Parched Soul!” I blurted out one morning to my wife.

It was overwhelmingly obvious to me that this was to be my road. The name and the purpose were clear, though I had no idea what to do next.

So I started writing.

And I have been ever since.

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  • Great article. I’m a Christian writer because I want to make Christ’s name known and to make an introduction to people who may not know Him. To bring God glory, to see Christians encouraged, and to watch people on their journey to saving faith. 

    What a blessing!

  • Donna

    I wrote a blog post about why I’m a Christian writer. Check it out if you have time. Thanks for your post!

    • I checked out your post, great thoughts Donna. That’s very encouraging to others of us like myself who aspire to deepen others’ faith through writing. Thanks for your comment!

  • Ha i love this ” I’m not a Christian writer because it’s a niche that no one’s found. It’s not ” True! 🙂

    When I upgraded my website months ago, I though i’d really refocus on certain areas and leave out others (that was my idea of staying within a “niche”). Ofcourse I quickly re-discovered that the only real “niche” i have and will ever have is Jesus 🙂

    • It’s funny you mention that. I try over and over to “refocus” on my themes and brand, but it’s so hard b/c following Jesus is about so much more than any one or two things. Of course, focus is good at times, but I also want to be open to follow Him wherever He takes my writing.

      Thanks Ngina!

      • Jeff Goins recently did a post that sheds more light on “niche” and it’s (or lack of) importance .

         “If you can find a theme — not a subject or a context — in your writing
        that connects with a core human emotion, you will never run out of good
        things to write. You can jump genres, even change styles, and your
        readers won’t care. Because they’re following you, paying attention to
        your voice more than your writing topic.”


        i believe the most important thing is our foundation and values – when we have those in order (which we should have as  Christian writers), we can then build what He wants us to build.

  • Kevin Behringer


    This article really hit home with me because it’s something I”ve been thinking of lately. I have a blog where I write primarily about marketing and business. I have been trying to find some topic that will so captivate me that I will want to write about for the sake of writing, not some other motive. I would love to focus on a Christian topic because, truthfully, it (as you said) is the only thing that seems worth writing about. Like you, I see the landscape and realize that much of the topic is already covered, which gives me pause about this topic, but more than that, I fear writing “wrong.” 

    The topic of Christianity and Christ is something so important to me that I almost fear writing about it because I am nervous about writing the wrong thing, writing something (unintentionally) misleading or just not having the background or knowledge to rightly address a topic. Is this something you have faced and, if so, how did you address it? If not, any words of wisdom?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I’m glad it connected.

      I actually brought up this same question to my pastor once. I asked something like “Who am I to give advice?” His answer was important. He said, “I think the same thing every day.” This is a man with almost 30 years of pastoral ministry experience and author of over a dozen books.

      He went on to say that this feeling is something you should never lose. To do so would be to feel “puffed up” by our own intellect and knowledge. Ever since he framed it that way, I have agreed and embraced this feeling.

      All you can do as a writer is this: be honest.

      And if we’re being honest, we can agree that sometimes you will get it wrong. I know I do. A good prayer about your writing when it comes to Christian writing is to ask God to let everything of Him be absorbed by the reader, and to let everything else fall away.

      To me it comes down to this, which is something I wrote about on my blog recently: Be humble enough to know you might be wrong, then think about what’s right.

      It sounds like you’re on the humble path already, Kevin.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to head over to my blog (http://aparchedsoul.com/) and shoot me an email if you would like to discuss further.

      Take care.

  • When I had a blog, somehow it felt right. I can’t explain it really. When I did write, the only thing I could think of to write about was about christian living. Amazingly, people related to the stuff I wrote, although I didn’t think it was anything great. But it did allow me to put thoughts into words and that helped me process stuff. Even though I took a couple of months off from blogging, I’m realizing that I need to get back into it, not because I’m a great writer, but because I believe God has gifted me in this and that somehow my story can help someone else.

    •  I think you are definitely gifted in this area Thomas. Your words are honest and easy to relate to. If things work out, I would love to see you blogging again. I’m always around to help if needed. Thanks, friend.

  • I love the name, ‘A Parched Soul’, Grayson. 

    I am a Christian Writer because God gave me a great story. As I wrote it and grew as a Christian, over the last 6 years (next March 26, when my story launches as my book), I realised what great stories the bible has. I began to teach how to write these as a teacher of creative writing. As I did so, I realised God hadn’t only given me a great story – he’d given every Christian a great story: the Encounters with Jesus Write Your Testimony Course was born.