How To Be A Better Christian Writer

Are you a Christian writer or blogger? If you are then you’ve no doubt got an idea, a story, a concept. You need to write it down so that people can read it.

Umm, right…that’s the hard part, I know. Writing it down.

If writing was easy then everyone would do it. Actually, writing IS easy and more people DO do it then you may realize. The problem, however, is that most people don’t FINISH their writing. They have half-finished works of art sitting in an electronic folder on their desktop computer in their home office.

Yes, I’m talking about you!

You’re a Christian writer. You need to finish what you’ve started. Don’t stop. Keeping writing. Your readers are waiting. We’re all waiting. Just finish already!

The only way to get your art out of your head and onto the blank white page is to start writing. Pick up a pen, start typing, whatever.

Just start writing and then don’t stop. It sounds easy, yes? Well, it is.

Here are 10 steps you can begin with that will help you to begin, continue with, and finish when it comes to your Christian Writing career.

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Question: What things in life hinder and stop you from writing? And how can we reverse that trend in order to keep writing and finish the job?

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About Charles Specht

Charles Specht is a bi-vocational pastor, an author, an entrepreneur, and a father to 5 children (2 adopted from China with "special needs").


He blogs and speaks frequently on the topics of Faith, Leadership, Men's Health, Personal Growth, Productivity, and building better Tribes. He is the community facilitator for, exercising a healthy passion for reading and writing, serving Christ, and for figuring out how the worlds of traditional- and self-publishing are evolving before our eyes.


He lives in central California with his wife, Kathy, their five children, and too many pets to mention. You can visit his personal website at, his "Church" blog at, and his Christian writer's blog at


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  • Charles Specht

    Question: What things in life hinder and stop you from writing? And how can we reverse that trend in order to keep writing and finish the job?

  • Rick

    Great article Charles. 

    • Charles Specht

      Thanks Rick.

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  • sonsigns

    Excellent post Charles. Here’s how i would do it:
    As a Christian Blogger lets take a look at blog writing. When 

    the Lord gives me inspiration for a blog post what is 

    the first thing you do? Most bloggers just write it out, 
    right? Then post it? 

    Once you do this it may look like a jumbled mess.
    Here is the steps I take in writing a good blog post.

    1.Get your thoughts together and write out a draft.
    2. Research: Even if you know the subject, a little 
    research can go a long way.
    3. write the post. Just do it. Just like you mention in this post.
    4. Call to action: What do you want your audience to 
    Click a social Icon? 
    Visit another post?
    Now this is a rough draft. I would take the steps above to polish this comment into an inspirational steps post or a good article for Christian writers. 

    P.S. There are many distractions in life that would cause a person not write. I have formed a habit to write in the morning. Since this is my most creative time after prayer.