About Jared Latigo

Jared is a husband, father, Christ-follower and many others things. He has been a web designer for the past 10+ years and is now breaking into the world of writing, blogging and speaking. You can find out more about him at his blog, follow him on Twitter or download his free eBook, "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Changing the Entire World."

Christian Writer: That Throne Doesn’t Belong to You!

At times in our lives we fall off the bandwagon. We put ourselves on the throne of our own heart and take the reigns. We oust Jesus as Lord. Ouch. What a mistake that is. Everytime. Recently... … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Serve Others That Will Make You Like Jesus

We are living in a time when everything is causing us to click here or download this. Those aren't necessarily bad things, but we tend to lose focus incredibly easy with all that is going on everyday. We forget that we need to learn to serve others through our actions. If we're truly trying to live and be more Christ-like, we need to … [Read more...]