Prayer and Worship Through Your Writing

prayer and worshipI was struggling in my prayer life.

I was talking and talking and talking and, of course, talking some more, but God was not answering.

Why was He not answering me?!

I would spend ten minutes in prayer and be bored, distracted, and half falling asleep. I was frustrated and had no idea where to turn, because everyone around me seemed to know exactly how to pray and get words from Him.

What was I lacking?

Was I not “Christian” enough?

One day, my spiritual “mama” reached out to me. She asked me if I journal. Of course I do! She suggested that I write out my prayers, like writing a letter to God.

AH-HA! There it was.

I spent hours writing and the words poured out of my pen onto the paper. Endlessly and tangibly, I could see all that God had blessed me with. He also showed me areas where I needed to grow in Him.

Being able to read and write to Him, much like a pen-pal, opened the floodgates of conversation. It is something I would recommend to anyone, even people who are not writers by nature.

I can look back to six months ago and giggle at what I was struggling through, because I never thought I would make it. I marvel at the revelations He has provided and get to continually enjoy how He has grown me. It is a real and tangible prayer life. It is like a chat log from a “GoTo Meeting” with God!

It is so lovely and refreshing to converse with someone exactly how I need.

I am a bookworm and a writer.

God knew exactly how to reach me (big shock!). God does not ask me to be anything that I am not and He magnifies my passions and talents. My writing is my prayer life and my worship for Him.

  1. Write for him.
  2. Start today.
  3. Use the talents He has given you to glorify Him and grow closer to Him.

Your love of writing is no coincidence!

  • Katherine Harms

    I love your post! I know exactly what you mean. When I talk with God, he talks with me. In writing. Writing prayer changed things for me, too. You wrote a great post!

  • Brittany, thanks for serving the Christian writing community and for publishing this article here at Godly Writers. Many people will be blessed and encouraged by it. Keep writing!

  • Becky Villareal

    Brittany, thank you for putting this so beautifully. I can picture these prayers like love letters to the Lord. How wonderful! I think most of Psalms was written just that way. You’re right, our love of writing is not a mistake or coincidence but a true blessing!!

    • Prayers as love letters. It’s a beautiful thought, for sure.

  • shareallicu

    I used to pray, and when I could not pray, I would also write to God my prayers. Now I can’t even write. But I continue our ‘conversation’ by talking to Him all day about regular things. I miss praying, and writing but even ‘dryness’ can be a part of God’s plan. One day I will be able to pray and write again, but until then, He gets to hear about my day. About the things I need and about how thankful I am for other things I need and have, like clean water, and showers and food! Each day He speaks to my heart and tells me to trust him and we start all over the next day. I am grateful that I can still hear him whisper, “Trust me.”

    • Brenda Douglas

      shareallicu, I have been in the same dry place. I am going to try writing my prayers, now. Never thought of it before this article, thank you Brittany! I hope you are out of the dry place and are doing well. God bless you.